Space Opera/Fantasy

Ann Margaret Lewis branched into space opera (defined as “science fiction and fantasy mushed together” by one of her friends) in 2019 with her new  Kizan trilogy. Book one is Warrior of the Kizan.


Warrior of the Kizan
To save a princess, he must first save himself.

Star Wars meets Edgar Rice Burroughs’s A Princess of Mars in this techno-magic tale of war and redemption!

Dakhar Talin, a member of a cursed, telepathic people, who is the new head of security for the Royal House of Emun. When the princess, Tasia, is kidnapped, Dakhar’s investigation leads him to a sinister planet called Earth.

But inner demons from his military service torment him, threatening his sanity, integrity, and the success of his mission. Can he bring the princess home before he loses his soul to ever-corrupting madness?

Read Warrior of the Kizan, the new space opera adventure by former Star Wars author Ann Margaret Lewis!