Murder in the Vatican

A sudden death in the Vatican. An international incident over stolen artifacts. A priest’s wrongful imprisonment for murder. Follow the great detective as he investigates three baffling cases at the “express desire of his Holiness, the Pope.” Stories include “The Death of Cardinal Tosca,” “The Vatican Cameos,” and “The Second Coptic Patriarch.” You’ll encounter baffling crimes, rich, historical settings, and a fateful encounter with Father Brown! These thrilling tales of murder and intrigue vividly bring to life three of Watson’s “untold tales.”

“A collection of three stories, it is a delightful, enjoyable read from start to finish, beautifully written with characters who are familiar yet unique in the setting of this book. Lewis captures well the essence of the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books.”

Ellen Hrkach

“Even the casual reader of the Canon comes away noting that several of Holmes’s unpublished cases have to do with the Catholic Church. Lewis runs with this ecclesiastical hook, giving us a decent dose of Baker Street and three good mysteries, and even throws in a meeting with G. K. Chesterton’s Father Brown. In addition, Rikki Niehaus illustrates the book with delightful period-style pen-and-inks.”

The Baker Street Journal

“Some of the best fans to follow in Conan Doyle’s footsteps are Nicholas Meyer, August Derleth, Denis Green, and Anthony Boucher. With the publication of Murder in the Vatican, Ann Margaret Lewis can join the ranks of authors who have provided worthy additions to the adventures of Holmes and Watson.”

Chris Chan

American Chesterton Society

“From page one I was instantly immersed in the stories and even better I was never thrown out of the story because of some inconsistency. I felt these were truly Sherlock Holmes stories and I got the same enjoyable feeling from these as I did originally from the stories. “

Jeff Miller

The Curt Jester

“Engagingly written!”

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine